- Your Winning Number ECWS09788


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 - Your Winning Number ECWS09788

Date: 3/29/12

From: John Thomas


Attention: Beneficiary


After the ECOWAS Office today,a raffle draw has given US$8.3 Million to three (3) active internet users. We are glad to 

announce to you that You were lucky to be one of the users who emerged as a Beneficiary with your LUCKY NUMBER: 

ECWS09788 and your Fiducairy agent Mr. Russell Cox have been assigned to assist you in claiming your winnings as soon as 

possible and will be released to you in record time.


You are therefore to contact Mr. Russell Cox on the email address ( with the below information for 

quick transfer/delivery of your winning fund to you without delay.


1. Full Name. 

2. Country. 

3. Contact Address. 

4. Phone, Mobile numbers. 

5. Age/Sex. 

6. Marital Status. 

7. Occupation/Job title. 

8. Amount won. 

9. Winning Number.




I....................Hereby Declear that the above data are true in case of any unforseen circustance, my next of kin has the right to 

claim the total winnings. (Fiduciary agent shall act as my agent in facilitating the release of the total fund to me. 


DATE: ----------


Congratulations once again on your winnings!!!

Looking forward to your swift response.

Yours Faithfully,

Mr.John Thomas Co-ordinator

Scam Email Database comments:


There is a reason you don't remember entering a raffle draw.  You didn't.  Why is some dude in China telling you to contact some

other dude in Japan?  I'm sure that once they steal money from your checking account the Chinese police will help you get your 

money back.






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