- Hello - Need Assistance to Transfer 30 Million


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 - Hello - Need Assistance to Transfer 30 Million

Date: 3/29/12

From: Max Montigel


Dear Friend, I know this email may come to you as a surprise, due to the fact that you don't know me neither have we met. My 

name is Mr. Max Montigel; I work with one of the banks in Europe. I am contacting you based on properties allocation. However, 

my main reason for contacting you is to seek and reach a mutual agreement with you. Thus I'll need your assistance to enable me 

transfer the sum of US$30 Million (equivalent) which is to be used mostly on Properties. I will avail you with more details as soon 

as I hear from you. Please contact me through Warmest regards. Max Montigel



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If you had $30 million and needed help transferring it would you randomly email someone?  






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