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Date: 4/11/12

From: Christofias Kakano


Dear Friend,


However, we the entire WORLD BANK Chiefs, Chairmen, Directors, Law Makers, Secretaries and as Government Agencies of 

all States Parastatals in Union with the International World security agencies such as, FBI, CIA, SCOTLANDYARD, EUROPOL,

 IMF, located here in North London England apologizes to you for all you have suffered in attempt to receive your 

lottery/inheritance/contract fund from several avenues/countries/regions especially people from Nigeria, Ghana and London.


We have therefore, today finally decided to use the United Nations Security Council and Diplomatic influence or ATM CARD 

payment system to release your fund. The process of this requires only your readiness to receive your long awaited fund by 

providing us the details below.


A) Your full names and address. 

B) Your direct telephone/mobile numbers 

C) Copy of your either driver?s license or Int'l passport. 

D) The amount of your fund expected to pay you.

E) Your state and country of origin.

F) Your sex, age and occupation.


Be cordially advised that, upon receipt of the above details of yours, we shall instruct the UN diplomat by name Agent Leufan 

Huch Kibris of London, who will be handling the delivery to assist you in processing your payment via ATM CARD from our 

designated bank in charge of all payments (name of bank withheld) for security reasons. However, find below contact details of 

your designated/authorized UN Diplomat and request further payment directives from him. it is very important that you QUOTE 

the below code when you contact him (WB-X1X-KTAQ909).


Mr. ROBBEN MICHAEL KIBRIS. E-mail: Direct Tel +447031999042


Finally, we require you to choose an option preferably by you to receive your fund. Do you choose to receive via ATM CARD, 

Bank Draft or Bank Transfer? Please get back to us as fast as possible.


Thanking you for your patience and perseverance so far.

Best Regards,

Dr. Christofias Kakano, World Bank/Int'l Audit Dpt. Zurich Switzerland.



Scam Email Database comments:


The World Bank, FBI, CIA, Scotland Yard, IMF etc. etc. etc. all apologizing to you.  Finally you will be able to get that

lottery/inheritance/contract fund from Nigeria, Ghana and London that somehow you forgot you were owed.  This is one of the

most ridiculous/stupid/idiotic scam in the world/solar system/galaxy/universe.  It's a multiple choice rip-off!






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